Advanced DJ course

Advanced DJ Course

Its safe to say that if you are ready for our Advanced DJ course, then you have already moved into the digital realm and if you haven’t already, then you are most likely ready to choose a software platform to base your Djing on moving forward. You are also likely to have a decent laptop to store your music on or are looking at what your options are to purchase one in the near future. With regards to Djing, you should feel confident in your ability to consistently deliver mixes with very few errors. You should have good knowledge of basic functions of standard Djing equipment. You most definitely will have the passion, drive and commitment to take this next step and lift your skills and knowledge to the level that is expected once you hit the clubs, festivals and radio shows. During this time you will cover the following.
Understanding and managing your music in the digital era of Djing
  • Laptop management – how to check for updates and monitor your system performance to ensure everything is optimised, dependable and reliable at all times.
  • iTunes/Rekorbox/Serato/Traktor library management
  • Software functionality at a granular level for Rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor & Ableton to demonstrate all major features available within the software
  • Time code & HID modes. We demonstrate how to use time code on Vinyl, CD & USB, as well as how to use Ethernet for Rekordbox and HID modes for CDJ’s with Serato DJ & Traktor
A holistic approach to your Djing and the sets you play
  • Understanding the ‘Sound Spectrum’ and how to use the EQ to its maximum effect to ensure your mixes sound clean and balanced.
  • Programming your sets at an advanced level (Key, Progression, Reading the crowd etc).
  • Hardware variances- We take you though the differences between the most common and industry standard CDJs, Mixers, FX units and Midi Controllers
  • An in depth look at Hot Cues, Loops, Stutters, Slips, FX and tricks to add more creativity and efficiency to your sets including how to establish your own standard settings.
  • Interested Serato DJ students can also have a demonstration of ‘Serato Video’
Stay in control of the situation
  • Contingency planning to ensure the show goes on even if the equipment fails.
  • How to troubleshoot various situations from hardware faults through to strange equipment you haven’t used before.
  • Resources for DJ’s on the Internet. We take you through what we think are the most valuable sites for DJ’s on the web.
Your sound is also your image, brand and your reputation
  • We take you through proven methods to manage your nerves as well as what to do once you arrive at the venue you are playing at. We also help you to identify and manage your image and activities behind the decks.
  • We discuss several famous DJ’s and break down what they do and why it works. We also highlight the differences between a ‘DJ’ and a ‘Selector’
  • Managing your brand and profile. We take you though some of the ins and outs of using social media, as well as provide insights into things you can do to raise your DJ profile and get the right people listening to your mixes. We also cover DJ etiquette and insights to the entertainment industry.
  • Legal obligations and compliance. This section briefly highlights the many different legal obligations that you may not be aware of when performing your duties as a DJ.

Simon Batchelor

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Simon (aka Batch) is currently in his 18th year of Djing and brings a wealth of experience to the team. ..

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