The Ableton Live four month course is one of our most extensive courses, here you will learn everything from beginner level concepts all the way through to advanced music production techniques, synthesis and mastering.
We will help you quickly understand all the features of this powerful piece of software and throughout this course you will get to work on original tracks as well as remixes.
In the second half of the course you will learn how to professionally finish your tracks, design your own original sounds, set up a home studio and market your music.

If you already have experience with Ableton we can tailor the course structure to accomodate your current skill set.

Cost – $1,760 exc GST
Duration – 4 months
Contact hours per week – 2
Tutor – Antony Elwell

Course Outline

  • First look at Ableton
    Understanding studio equipment
    Exploring and understanding Ableton
    All windows and menus explained
    Programming a drum beats with MIDI
    Creating melodies and basslines with presets
    Mapping MIDI controllers
    Audio Editing
    Warping Audio
    Creating loops
    Using groove templates
    Exploring Simpler
    Using Impulse and Drum rack
    Slicing loops
    Music theory
    Song structure
    Song analysis
    Advanced Sampling with Sampler
    Subtractive synthesis
    The concept of mixing
    Compression and other Dynamic processors
    Using effects
  • Advanced music production techniques
    Advanced Automation
    Sound design
    Using Racks
    Creating macro controls
    Advanced synthesis
    FM synthesis using operator
    Remixing techniques
    Recording techniques
    Mic types
    Mic placement
    Recording vocals tips
    Speaker placement
    Acoustic treatment
    Advanced EQ techniques
    Advanced compression
    Using sends and busses
    Reverb programming
    Introduction to Max for live
    Music business
  • When does this course run?

    As this is a one to one course, you may start any time you like (subject to availability).

  • How many hours a week will I study?

    We generally run one lesson a week at a set time but can also be flexible.

  • How do I book this course?

    To book a course, please email or call us to enquire about availability.

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