As well as being a powerful music production tool, Ableton is also designed to take your music from the studio to the stage and is used by many DJ’s around the world. This course is designed for beginner to intermediate students looking to fully understand Ableton as a DJ and live performance tool.

Cost – $595
Duration – 6 weeks
Contact hours per week – 2
Tutor – Josh Pathon

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Ableton Live
    Learning the concepts of Ableton live and its capabilities
    using the session and arrange views effectively
    learn how to import, open and save your work properly

    Integration and signal flow with DJ set up
    Understand Ableton’s audio preferences and how to optimise your system
    Learn how to route Ableton in to a typical DJ system
    get to know the industry standard dj equipment such as the DJM900

    Warping and editing audio
    Learn how to edit songs, drum loops and other samples
    Manipulate the tempo by time stretching and slicing audio
    Learn how create bootlegs and remixes

  • Launching/looping and arranging clips
    Mapping MIDI controllers such as the Launchpad, Akai APC to Ableton
    Learn how to trigger clips and scenes
    Control volumes and effect parameters

    DJ/Mixing techniques

    Using EQ to help control your set
    Understanding music structure and phrasing

    Planning, performing and recording a live set
    In this section of the course you will prepare and perform a 30 minute live set
    Learn how to record, edit and master your set

    Integrating and trouble shooting when connecting to a club system
    Our tutors will help to get you ready for performing in a live environment
    Learn about common problems that can arise when performing and how to overcome them quickly

  • When does this course run?

    As this is a one to one course, you may start any time you like (subject to availability).

  • How many hours a week will I study?

    We generally run one lesson a week at a set time but can also be flexible.

  • How do I book this course?

    To book a course, please email or call us to enquire about availability.

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