The world of DJing is constantly changing and evolving, so we have developed this course to help keep you at the top of your game. This advanced course gives you an in depth look at the three most popular digital DJ systems on out there; Traktor, Serato and Rekordbox.

All of our advanced courses may be tailored to suit the student so course content may vary.

Cost – $595
Duration – 6 weeks
Contact hours per week – 2
Tutor – Jules Dangov

Course Outline

  • Traktor/Serato setup for vinyl & cd scratch mode
    Setting up a Traktor Scratch Audio 6 sound card for cd/vinyl.
    Setting up Serato SL4 soundcard.
    Utilising spare sound card inputs for recording out of DJ mixer.
    Setting up Traktor/Serato to record live within the program.
    Setting up to use with Pioneer NEXUS/SRT mixers as certified audio interface.
    Pioneer specific driver and utility installation and use.

    Venue Templates (TRAKTOR)
    Understanding the importance of having venue templates.
    How to export templates when setup is finished.
    How to import saved templates at next venue.
    If a template fails, keeping calm and running through the steps to configure your setup before a set.

    Set up multiple CDJ2000nexus units to control the software right from the CDJ.
    Setting up while connected through the DVS soundcard.
    Using CDJ Aggregator on Traktor Mac version to allow use without a Traktor soundcard connected.

  • MIDI controller programming. (SERATO/TRAKTOR)
    How to load factory presets for controllers.
    How to customise your own unique mapping to a midi controller (Korg Nanokontrol2 demo).

    Adaptability/Cross Platform readiness.>

    Knowledge of multiple mediums and software systems is a fantastic advantage and will save embarrassment. It’s not uncommon to get to a gig only to find out they don’t have the rig you like to or can only play on.

    Learn how to update and optomise your laptop for best performance when DJing

    Async (TRAKTOR)
    Each time a track is loaded onto a deck in Traktor, the file is analyzed. This gives us the visual waveform display, the song key and most importantly the tempo(BPM).
    The accuracy is near spot on for straight beat dance tracks but it needs some assistance when it comes to breakbeat tunes.

  • When does this course run?

    As this is a one to one course, you may start any time you like (subject to availability).

  • How many hours a week will I study?

    We generally run one lesson a week at a set time but can also be flexible.

  • How do I book this course?

    To book a course, please email or call us to enquire about availability.

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