Learn everything you need to know to get your mixes release ready with our in depth mixing course.

Antony has recorded and mixed tracks for countless artists and labels, including Grammy nominated gospel artist Noel Robinson, Nvsty Militia, Perfecto Records, Monochrome Music, Bonzai Records, AudioNoir, Hitmill Switzerland, Citrus Recordings, MindTech Recordings, Safe Music Records, Josh Pathon and many more.

During this course you will learn everything from the fundamentals of creating a great mix to some of the most advanced techniques used by mix engineers today.
You will be taught in the mixing room at AAI recording studios using a huge selection of software and hardware from Waves, Slate Digital, Elysia, Fabfilter, Black Lion Audio, SPL, Izotope and many more.

Unlike online mixing courses you will be in a hands on environment where you can work at our own pace and ask as many questions as you need.

Cost – $595 exc GST
Duration – 5 weeks
Contact hours per week – 2
Tutor – Antony Elwell

Course Outline

  • Understanding critical listening
    Types of studio monitors
    Studio monitor placement
    Acoustic treatment
    Using analysers
    Ear training

    Mix preparation
    Analysing a mix and where to start
    Creating separation and depth

    EQ types and characteristics
    Choosing the right EQ
    Advanced EQ Technique
    Dynamic EQ
    Mid/Side EQ

    Compression Overview

    All parameters explained
    Compressor types and characteristics
    Choosing the right compressor
    Advanced Side-chain compression techniques
    Parallel compression
    Mid/Side compression

  • Distortion and harmonics
    Types of distortion
    Saturation vs EQ
    Parallel processing with distortion

    Using modulation effects

    Types of reverb
    Controlling reverb tails with EQ
    Controlling Reverb with compression
    Creating stereo image with reverb

    Delay overview and uses
    Delay techniques

    Stereo Buss processing

    Full mix – Electronic music
    Full mix – Acoustic
    Full mix – Vocals (over backing track)

    Introduction to mastering

  • When does this course run?

    As this is a one to one course, you may start any time you like (subject to availability).

  • How many hours a week will I study?

    We generally run one lesson a week at a set time but can also be flexible.

  • How do I book this course?

    To book a course, please email or call us to enquire about availability.

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