The Beginners DJ Course is an 8 week (16 hour) programme designed for beginner level DJ’s and will cover every aspect of DJing, from setting up and maintaining your equipment to advanced mixing techniques and scratching. This hands on course covers a broad range of skills and combines traditional DJ techniques with new innovating ways of DJing using modern technologies such as MIDI controllers and digital effects. The course will run over 8 weeks and each of the 8 lessons will last 2 hours, During this time you will cover the following.

Cost – $875 (one to one) – $560 (group) exc GST
Duration – 2 months
Contact hours per week – 2
Tutors – Josh Pathon

Course Outline

  • Understanding Equipment and signal flow
    Introduction to DJing
    Music theory
    Song structure
    Beat matching
    When to mix
    Blending tracks
    Drop mixing techniques
    EQ and Filters explained
    Using EQ when mixing
    Using Filters when mixing

  • Set Structure
    Library management to complement set structures
    Using Hot cues and loops
    Planning a DJ set
    Planning a DJ set cont
    Recording and mastering the DJ set
    Introduction to Ableton
    Using MIDI controllers
    Creating track edits
    Scratching basics
    Intro to turntablism
    Understanding DVS systems
    Managing your brand and getting your first gig
  • When does this course run?

    For a one to one course, you may start any time you like (subject to availability). Please contact us for group course dates.

  • How many hours a week will I study?

    We generally run one lesson a week at a set time but can also be flexible.

  • How do I book this course?

    To book a course, please email or call us to enquire about availability.

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