music production crash course

Music production crash course

The Production 2 day intensive course is a 8 hour crash course aimed at beginner level producers who want to get a head start at producing their own music. This intensive crash course covers a broad range of production techniques suitable for a variety of music genres, using the music production software package of your choice. If you don't yet own or have never used music software our experienced tutors are more than happy to advise you on what will be suitable for you.
Introduction to studios and signal flow
  • integration between the software and the studio
  • Different connections and cables
  • MIDI signal flow
Introduction to the software
  • Learn how to open and manage your projects
  • Set up and integrate your sound card and MIDI devices
  • Understand the arrange windows and tool functions within the program
  • Use the virtual instruments to create drum patterns, basslines and melodies
Audio editing and sampling
  • Learn how to edit drum loops and other samples
  • Manipulate the tempo by time stretching and slicing audio
  • Load sounds in to a sampler and trigger them with MIDI devices
  • Create your own virtual instruments by mapping keys and velocities
Song production
  • Learn how to structure and arrange your music
  • Use techniques like automation to make your track sound professional
  • Use synthesisers to create your own bass lines and melodies
  • Learn creative use of effects such as delays, echo's and filters
Mixing and mastering
  • Use dynamics such as EQ, compressors and gates
  • Understand effects such as reverb, delay and modulation effects
  • Understand separation and panning
  • Learn how to export you project in various formats such as WAV and MP3

Ant Elwell


Ant Elwell Aka 'Antrax' has a career that has spanned over 10 years in the industry. ..

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