Greg Linke and Steve Salagras aka Plastik People and former AAI students have made a name for themselves here in Adelaide as a DJ duo.
Gaining residencies at HQ, Hey MrMr, Sundaze, London Saturdays, Electric Circus and Red Square has certainly taken some skill. So we caught up with Greg to share some tips for up and coming DJ’s.

These days the night scene/club industry is a pretty tough one for a new DJ trying to start out in getting their first paid gigs.
The lockout laws, introduced in most states, have had a huge negative impact on night time party venues. While politicians and police would say they have been effective in reducing violence, they have punished the majority of people always doing the right thing, with the objective to catch or deter the small minority causing the problems. These lockout laws have significantly restricted public freedom and reduced the number of patrons, negatively effecting; business, trade and opening hours of night time venues. This means less employment for people working in the industry; security guards, bartenders and of course DJs.

Some things to keep in mind that could help guide you through to your first success:

Experience: You will probably have to play for free before you start getting paid or offered residencies. The more you play, the better you are. Practice makes perfect with almost anything you do.

– Enter DJ comps (these are always unpaid gigs but have other benefits).
– Experience gives exposure to your name/brand.
– It is a good indicator that you are passionate about what you are doing.

Networking: In a small-ish city like Adelaide, everyone tends to know everyone in the industry. It’s important to network well.

– Visit different venues, and meet the team/people involved with them.
– Join Facebook groups or communities.
– This can also help with exposure to your name/brand.

Be Humble: This will help with your networking. To many young/new DJs think they are better than they are and deserve success.

– Show respect to everyone.
– Learn from Djs/managers/promoters that have been around longer than you, they always have something valuable to offer.
– Know the difference between arrogance and confidence.

Remember What You Are There For: You are employed by the venue or the promoter. Do the right thing by them and you could put yourself in good place for future bookings.

– Play to the crowd. Club DJs are there to create a good atmosphere and good time for the patrons, this will sometimes mean you don’t get to play exactly what you want. When your a touring DJ you are more likely to be booked for your music or sound, then you play what you want.
– Be professional. Don’t get so drunk or messy that it impacts negatively on your performance. You wont get booked again.

Keep a few things in mind but also have fun. You are going to get out of it what you put in. Work hard, play hard! 

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